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Duane Stevenson

Duane Stevenson has been in the fitness field for 10+ yrs. He is nationally certified in fitness and has minored in diet in nutrition. Duane began his fitness journey in the nursing field working as an LVN/Physical Therapist assistant in a nursing home.

While he enjoyed helping elders stay healthy and active he found it very discouraging many was not getting much results due to their age. People noticing how fit he kept himself people begin to ask him to train them and even open doors for photo shoots as a fitness model.  This became his motivation into the fitness field. As he begin to train others on how to workout and live a healthy lifestyle and see them get results and benefits he found it a lot more rewarding.

After becoming a certified trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. And completing courses in Health and Wellness  with the National Association for Fitness he  slowly moved full time to training. Today Duane manages a gym in west Houston as well as training clients at various other facilities, parks and homes where his services are needed.



Lee College— 1991-1993

Associates Degree In Nursing

Lee College– 1995-1997

Associates of Science/ Physical Fitness

National Academy of Sports Medicine—1999

Certified Personal Trainer

National Association for Fitness–2001-2002

Health and Wellness Certificate

Group Fitness Instructor Certification

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