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Iron Sports Spartan Class

Spartan training, a class that is not for the faint of heart. If you are ready to step up your game or prepare for any of the infamous obstacle course races this is the class to target the specific skills that will be demanded of you during one of the challenging races.


Run by Tommy, one of our trainers with plenty of experience under his belt, you will be challenged in a team environment as you work towards your goals, hold each other accountable, and stay motivated as a group having a fun time!


What to expect:

Class duration: 1 hour

Come ready to spend an hour of hard work, sweat, enjoy a friendly, tight-knit,  and supportive community, and to push yourself to the next level with Spartan training!


What to bring:

-gym clothes

-closed toe shoes



Class Schedule:

Friday: 7pm



Drop in: $15

Core class membership (auto-billing): $78 per month   (includes Spartan classes)

Core class membership (auto-billing): $98 per month   (includes Spartan classes & Boot Camp)

Core class punch card (10 punches): $120


-Core class membership includes the Spartan training, Core classes, Boot camp, and unlimited access to the gym and facilities

-AUTO-BILLING provides 24/7 access to our gym and facilities

-MONTHLY PREPAID provides unlimited access during our normal business hours to our gym and facilities

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