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Ninja Warrior Training

Iron Sports Gym has a solid reputation training and equipping competitors for the American Ninja Warrior competition.  Our clients have traveled from all across America and overseas to equip themselves with the in-depth training to equip them for success; whether that is to compete, or to just enjoy fun functional fitness with a friendly community.

What to expect:

Class duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Come ready for intense body weight training as you are submersed into the Ninja Warrior community and train along Ninja Warrior competitors as veteran Ninja Warrior competitor Sam Sann Leads the class! So whether you want to seriously compete one day or just have a fun time enjoying challenging training and being equipped with precise steps to succeed come give it your best shot!



-gym apparel

-closed toe shoes




-climbing tape

-climbing chalk


Class schedule:

Tuesday: 7pm

Thursday: 7pm

Saturday: 6pm


-Ninja Warrior membership includes the Ninja Warrior training, Spartan training, Core classes, Boot camp, and unlimited access to the gym and facilities

-AUTO-BILLING provides 24/7 access to our gym and facilities

-MONTHLY PREPAID provides unlimited access during our normal business hours to our gym and facilities

  • Auto-draft Membership
  • $130 /mo
  • *Allows access to all other classes and 24/7 access to the facility
  • 10-visit punch card
  • $150
  • *Punch cards do expire after 6 months and are only good for ninja warrior classes
  • 5-visit punch card
  • $85
  • *Punch cards do expire after 6 months and are only good for ninja warrior classes
  • Drop in
  • $20
  • Drop in for a single class
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