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B A Ninja Class (Ages 11+)

B A Ninja Class focuses on bringing together all the basics and fundamentals of gymnastics, rock climbing, and parkour to help enhance your child’s skills for ninja warrior.

The goal of this class will be to progress your son’s/daughter’s skills for obstacle training. Learning and mastering essential skills from those 3 disciplines listed above will take your ninja to the next level!

Time: Monday 5pm-6pm

Age: 11+

What to bring:

-gym clothes

-closed toe shoes



First time trial: $10

Drop in: $20

Membership: $60

A little bit about the coach: Nick was a competitive gymnast with several state, regional, and national championship titles. He took the skills and experience that came from his gymnastics background to get involved in tennis, soccer, baseball, running, mountain biking, rock climbing, and bouldering.

He has been an assistant coach for all the classes offered here at iron sports. He has always been fascinated by the show and has set his sights on becoming an American Ninja Warrior.

Nick has spent countless hours of his free time training at Iron Sports and loves being in the gym. He enjoys sharing his passion and experience with others in hopes of creating the future athletes for American Ninja Warrior.

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