Because your core consists of several different muscle groups, there is no single exercise that can possibly train all the muscles in your core at once. In order to train your core muscles you need to follow a specific core training program that strengthens and stretches the right muscles to provide optimum balance in YOUR body. This class will do that.

Core Class I - Beginner

This is a great class to start with. A head to toe, highly effective workout It's low impact, and slow paced, progressively adding more repetitions to one muscle group at a time. Even though it is slow, it's non-stop movement for one hour. Abs are always included, though the specific exercises may vary. Every class we strive for good posture, and the correct techniques. Classes can include stretching, boxing, kick-boxing, slow jogging, upper body workouts, and core exercises.
Mon & Wed @ 7pm

Core Class II - Advanced

Core Class II takes it to the next level with heavier weights, increased intensity, and calisthenics.
Mon & Wed @ 8pm


Adult Core Climbing


Coming Soon - Call for more info